Apple and Blueberry Muffins


Preheat oven to 180°C.

Cream low fat spread, vanilla essence and 8 tbsp of the Hermesetas Granulated in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time. Sieve together flour and baking powder and stir into the mixture alternately with the milk. Divide 2/3rds of mixture into large muffin cases. Stir the remaining Hermesetas Granulated into the apples. Divide the cooked apple between the muffins and scatter over almost all the blueberries. Spoon the remaining cake mixture on top of the fruit but it will not cover it completely. Sprinkle over the rest of the blueberries then bake the muffins for 20 minutes until well risen and golden brown. These Muffins are delicious served with tea or warmed slightly and served with custard as a dessert.

Informazioni Generali
Pronto in:
45 minuti
Calorie p.P.:
Low fat spread
100 g
Vanilla essence
1 tsp
Hermesetas Granulated
10 tbsp
Medium eggs
Self-raising flour
175 g
Baking powder
1 tsp
Skimmed milk
100 ml
Cooking apples, peeled chopped
225 g
100 g